Athletes from Azerbaijan Won the Sailing Tournament

Junior athletes from Azerbaijan have managed to grab two medals at the international tournament for sailing held in Turkey. This is the very first time that they have won a championship in sailing. The gold medal was won by Ayla Babayeva in the group of women for the Laser 4.7 class event. The silver medal was won by Murad Ismayil in the younger category. On the other hand, Ismayil Karimov secured the 4th position in the championship. Before this, Fidan Agazade, another athlete from Azerbaijan won the international tournament for sailing in the year 2018 that took place in Oman. She received the bronze medal in the Optimist class among girls age 12 years.

The competition was the introductory stage for the World Championship in the Optimist class that will be held in the month of July 2020 at Lake Garda, Italy. The European Championship for Laser 4.7 class will take place in 2020 April in Portugal. Azerbaijan’s Sailing Federation was founded in the year 2000 with an aim to participate in the world championships in all categories. The Sailing Federation is known to be an active member of the EUROSAF since the year 2014.
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12 Metre Worlds Champion Names

12 Metre World Championship has concluded amid great euphoria. There are many winners. The fifth and final day of the event concluded with price distributions. Nyala the US-12 won her series early in the Vintage Division with two races sweep yesterday, with this it came to a single race of today to finalize the World Champions in three division, Grand Prix, Traditional and Modern divisions.

Spirit Division A 12 Metre also sailed in the event, but there was no World Championship at the stake. It was fleet of 21 who competed in 12 Metres race hailing from six countries making it history. It was the largest fleet gathered in North America ever.

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Extraordinary Sailing Sequence is Moving On

The Extreme Sailing Series raged onto the expert sailing scene in 2007, and from that point forward has changed how fans, supporters, and media draw in with sailing. On the water, on shore, on the web or on TV, its spearheading Stadium Racing design has set new benchmarks in the sailing business making ready for pretty much every expert sailing occasion that pursued.

In the year 2019, the Sailing Extreme Series brand is set to proceed toward another path, as coordinators OC Sport affirm they will stop the executives of the circuit. Subtleties will be uncovered soon.
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Sailing Boats Get The Luxury Edge

Well its certainly difficult to keep track in a very precise manner as to what sort of a ship or sailboat you are on until that particular point where you finally see the logo and let it be as it is, there is almost certainly no doubts left with what Elan GT5 has got, which is an execution cruiser has its amazing unique and somewhat a dapper style which is hard to forget after consuming through the imagination mouth of the brain.

There are supposedly three main things that separate the opponents from the beautiful goddess Elan GT5. These elements include the factors like. Firstly it has these wraparound windows around the dark body car which give this awesome light in the inside along with a dope 180 degrees view. This has got dark trapezoid windows on both the sides if the frame along with how it has the dark fairing right behind the end of the coach roof.
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Sanya’s Second International Presence Especially For South Africa’s Stock Seen Shortly

Sanya has made first career presence in Sonja Stock at Youth Sailing World Championships. Stock is new to such a level of sport and Sanya is making a second appearance internationally in Laser following Laser Radial Youth Worlds in The Netherlands.

Youth Worlds have brought huge inspiration to give training for the future. Stock is sailing on any of the boat where she is comfortable. Stock, an optimistic guy taking training lessons at a very young age, was confident of meeting the challenges. As far as future plans for Stock are concerned, that getting Sanya and the competitors at the event made her main focus and has left the time to think of the upcoming plans.
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Windsurfing Inclusion In Olympics

Boardsailing is a sailing category that is yet to be included as an Olympic event. Many are pitching hard for the inclusion of the same in the reviews that are being held after the conclusion of the Rio 2016 Olympics. There are certain factors that are considered in order to include a certain sports category, affordability and access being two principal factors that also define international participation on a broad scale.

At the 2016 Olympic event the board sailor was given their own venue. It was a beach area with palm trees and was a grassy patch where the sailors gathered who were like athletes. Board sailors are not yacht sailors and they are more lifestyle oriented, akin to beach volleyball players. While beach volleyball games get full stadiums in Rio, even the boardsailing event gained a lot of attention. The racing not only looked great when it was aired, but also drew large crowds to witness the races as well.

After the 2016 Rio games, the review boards usually consider all the factors that surround the different games, especially the new ones and decide whether these should be included in the forthcoming Olympic Games. The ten events in board sailing have been approved and would be included in the 2020 Games that would be held in Tokyo. World Sailing would be reviewing the events for the next Olympic Games to be held in 2024. They would look into the changes in requirements of board sailing and how the participation and evaluation parameters should be. Though windsurfing has been part of the Olympic Games from 1984, the selection criteria keep changing as equipment keeps changing that also affect the parameters of the games and the guidelines to be set for the competitors and the suppliers of equipment for the games.

Parlier Won KiteFoil World Title While Mazella Grab The GoldCup Crown

In Cagliari, Italy, the French dominate the KiteFoil Worlds, as Nico Parlier from France takes the title of IKA KiteFoil World Championship whereas Axel Mazella also from France crowned as the champion of the IKA KiteFoil GoldCup.

Nico Parlier of France put on a superior display to grab to win the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) KiteFoil World Championship (KWC) on the final day of the racing on the Italian resort island of Sardinia.

Even just ahead of the last race of the Sardinia Kiteboard Grand Slam (SKGS), haul of bullets of Parlier during the four day competition reflects that he had the championship in his bag because of the superior score he had at the event.

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Hanuman Leading In America’s Cup J Class

The J Class Regatta in the America’s Cup is almost reaching its climax and the race for the top position in the event is getting hotter.

The Hanuman J class fleet is leading the pack by a whisker. The final day is just around the corner and it will be held at Murray’s Anchorage. It will be a six-part race series.

There is just one point separating the top three J Class fleet. The 42 meter J class Hanuman yacht is in the first position among the seven fleets taking part in the final series of races. Hanuman was built in 1937 and was first christened as Endeavor II. It took part in the ‘Auld Mug’ event that same year.

Hanuman is on a roll at the America’s Cup. It finished day one with the same points of Ranger fleet. Now, it has got to the first position of the leaderboard after winning the final and the last race. Hanuman enjoyed a score of 2-4-1 whereas its archrival Ranger had a final score of 3-2-2. It is going to be a really tough final day. The third position is now with Lionheart with a score of 1-3-4. The irony is that only one point separates the top three. Continue reading Hanuman Leading In America’s Cup J Class

Changes For Youth America’s Cup

Those who follow the America’s Cup series usually finds veterans being skippers and part of teams that comprise of experienced and seasoned professionals.

This series has gained status as one of the revered regatta events across the world. Hence, it is now being extended to include young sailor teams as well. The version meant for young sailors comprise of teams with sailors between the age range of 19 to 25. Known as the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup, this year there have been several changes introduced in this tournament.

The boats that are assigned to the young sailor teams will be AC45F catamarans of the same foiling design as the boats used in the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup. There are first time entries in this tournament that include teams from Spain and Austria. Every country team is in the stage of being mentored by older teams of the Louis Vuitton Cup series as well as selecting six member crew for them. The six person roster for each team will be announced by May when the qualification rounds are scheduled. The events will comprise of six boats in two pools which will compete for spots in the finals.
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Ponant Partners With Olivier De Kersauson

To design its four new ships, Ponant the luxury expedition cruise company has joined hands with the sailing expert. He will be the Special Advisor of the company and will give his director in the designing four new ships.

It is not like both have come together for the first time. De Kersauson and Ponant, before also they have worked together, they have sailed on many line’s ships as a lecturer (Guest). In this new role, de Kersauson will consult Ponant with Ponant about various things in the designing of its ships. The ship will have the capacity of carrying 184-passenger and it is planned that the first ship will be launched in 2018, before they move on to a smaller yacht design in partnership with a company specialising in Yacht Charter in Dubrovnik Continue reading Ponant Partners With Olivier De Kersauson