2016 General Meeting Of Australian Sailing

2016 General Meeting of Australian Sailing Ltd held on 29 October. It was the first annual meeting happened under the name of Australian sailing and the second as the company limited.

At the event Matt Allen presented the report to the president. Allen spoke for some 12 minutes and said the year 2016 is incredible for Australian sailing. The organization got its new name Australian Sailing (Earlier it was Australian Yachting) after moving from incorporated association to company limited by guarantee in year 2014.

Allen said “After so many changes in the organization now we are an integrated national administration, we are responsible toward our clubs and their Members and for success of sailing in Australia too.”

On the occasion Allen thanked all bodies present in the meeting and had contributed in upward movement of sailing in Australia. At the moment he also congratulated medalist of Olympic and Paralympic in Rio. He said that Australian players are best on and off the water. They have done wonders in making the country proud.

Matt Carroll, Chief Executive Officer of Australian Sailing delivered his report and said “At the start of the year 2016, there were two major undertakings and both needed to be delivered to have optimal success in the field of sailing. First one was the reformation of sailing and the second was achieving success in the Games. I am glad to say we have achieved both. Both the changes have made strong platform for us to build capacity of sport and also in building capabilities.”

Closing his report Matt added, “Now, Australian sailing has teams that are broad in size as well as thought. The management team has both capability and capacity that has to be delivered on commitments of one sailing”.

Old member and past President of board David Gotze retired from his place after serving his maximum tenure.