Ponant Partners With Olivier De Kersauson

To design its four new ships, Ponant the luxury expedition cruise company has joined hands with the sailing expert. He will be the Special Advisor of the company and will give his director in the designing four new ships.

It is not like both have come together for the first time. De Kersauson and Ponant, before also they have worked together, they have sailed on many line’s ships as a lecturer (Guest). In this new role, de Kersauson will consult Ponant with Ponant about various things in the designing of its ships. The ship will have the capacity of carrying 184-passenger and it is planned that the first ship will be launched in 2018, before they move on to a smaller yacht design in partnership with a company specialising in Yacht Charter in Dubrovnik

Jean Emmanuel Sauvee Cofounder and president of Ponant, shared his thought about the partnership with de Kersauson and said “Olivier de Kersauson is a sailor who has immense talent; he is a fascinating and passionate competitor. I and my team privilege to continue working with him, draw his expert eye and technical expertise in the production of our future ships.”

De Kersauson has experience of 45 years of professional sailing. For his significant contribution in the field of sailing, Kersauson has won the prestigious Jules Verne Trophy for twice. The trophy is given to the sailor who has done the fastest globe circumnavigation using yacht of any type. Moreover, De Kersauson has many world records on his name and several times he has sailed round Cape Horn.

In the partnership, De Kersauson is going to share all his technical expertise and designing skill with Ponant. The Ponant on the other hand is giving handsome amount to De Kersauson and also giving him the position of Special Advisor. Together they will work on four ships in which first will be launched in the year 2018.