Sanya’s Second International Presence Especially For South Africa’s Stock Seen Shortly

Sanya has made first career presence in Sonja Stock at Youth Sailing World Championships. Stock is new to such a level of sport and Sanya is making a second appearance internationally in Laser following Laser Radial Youth Worlds in The Netherlands.

Youth Worlds have brought huge inspiration to give training for the future. Stock is sailing on any of the boat where she is comfortable. Stock, an optimistic guy taking training lessons at a very young age, was confident of meeting the challenges. As far as future plans for Stock are concerned, that getting Sanya and the competitors at the event made her main focus and has left the time to think of the upcoming plans.

To sail in South Africa and especially in Cape Town will soon bring new challenges and different opportunities. This will help in getting comfortable with the different conditions. To be trained in all sorts of surroundings and in different weather conditions is necessary. There are some situations where the wind blows 35 knots and sometime 8 to 10. Cape Town is the best place when it comes to sail. The wind remains moderate which make sailing enjoyable and comfortable.

South Africa is watching high growth of sailing these days. There is a large community of sailors in South Africa who are involved in sailing. These sailors are athletes travel via sailing from Cape Town as well as Johannesburg, the different sports center in the country.

Sailing in Cape Town is the best ever experience as this brings a sense of community. The place is absolutely familiar, so sailing here means a lot. Sanya is felicitate with the commencement of sailing sport in South Africa because already the country is filled with experts in sailing and sport event here will be a unique experience.